Carl(a) is a new film starring Joslyn Defreese as Carla and Laverne Cox (Orange Is the New Black) as Cinnamon. The film deals with the issues in a relationship when a transgender woman contemplates gender confirming surgery and the love of her life who has second thoughts about her completing her transition.

The film also stars Gregg Bello from The Wrestler who shed 30 pounds for the role and is directed by Eli Hershko. It is set to open on December 10th in select theaters across the US.

You van view the trailer here and the synopsis below.



Carl(a). While Carla, a male to female pre-op transsexual, contemplates how to come up with the cash needed to complete her transition she is faced with the hardship of being dejected from her family. Then she meets Sam. A regular great guy who likes her the way she is. But when the cash needed for her procedure is no longer an issue, Sam has second thoughts about their relationship. Now Carla is faced with a tough dilemma. If she transitions she loses Sam… if she doesn’t she loses herself.



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I am a big fan of Laverne Cox and I am again happy to see two transgender actors taking lead roles in this film. I also love the Claude Debussy music in the trailer. Laverne has opened the door to a wave of films and TV shows that are now beginning to open up to the transgender community. Laverne is active in the community and has done so much to move our progress forward. She is certainly a pioneer and deserving of the cover of time magazine. This is another one I am looking forward to. I can’t wait.