Joseph Harwood is one of the most talented artists when it comes to makeup and transformation. He is internationally known for his work. He has over 100,000 youtube followers and you can check out his website at

In this featured video, Joseph discusses how to properly shave, take care of your skin and address a receding hairline. He also shows you how to properly contour your face and get some volume out of your lips.

As a makeup artist, Harwood is frequently booked for celebrities, musicians and reality television stars. His work has appeared in many publications ranging from Gay Times, NOW Magazine and Dazed and Confused.


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Mila Madison

I am a huge fan of Joseph Harwood and he is an absolute wizard with makeup. Whether you are trans, cis, drag or anywhere in between there is something everyone can learn from watching this video. There is so much we can learn from our friends in the drag community. Though this is a full transformation there are many subtle tricks you can discover when it comes to applying makeup. This is a great primer for my upcoming makeup 411 piece that looks at concealers. I highly recommend you check it out.