Caitlyn Jenner is in the news again as she was in Houston, Texas last week filming a new episode for “I am Cait”. Caitlyn and her gang went there to meet with a mother who’s transgender son was experiencing problems due to Houston’s down-vote of a recent anti-discrimination bill called HERO.

After the meeting, Caitlyn went on to meet with Pastor Ed Young at the Second Baptist Church, which was holding a children’s unity event. It was pastor Young who was an outspoken critic and one of the driving forces behind the vote against the anti-discrimination bill. After their meeting, Caitlyn was seen praying with the pastor.

This of course caused an uprising from not only the transgender community, but the GOP as well. Former county GOP chair Jared Woodfill was critical of Jenner’s appearance at the Christmas event. “You don’t go to a kids’ Christmas play and use that as a vehicle to send your message. That’s just plain wrong,” stated Woodfill.

The pastor’s son, Ed Young Jr., quickly took to twitter.

There was also plenty of backlash from the transgender community, particularly from Monica Roberts of TransGriot.   

Kate Bornstein, a tremendous LGBT advocate, also tweeted.

There was also a response from Jenny Boylan on her blog, stating, “We went there without cameras, without microphones. We did not go there for a photo op. We went there in hopes we could have an off-the-record conversation with the pastor, so that we could tell him to his face the damage that he has caused. This struck me as good work to do.”

You can watch the full report here from Houston’s local news outlet KTRK.



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By praying with noted anti-transgender Pastor Ed Young Sr., Caitlyn Jenner committed a faux pas against the pro LGBT community, her community and again, stirred the cauldron. The heart of the myriad of reports raises questions about her motivation. Caitlyn, who recently said she was “pretty comfortable with the [state of transgender] issues here in the United States,” conceded that, “we have a long way to go.” She must have been illustrating how comfortable she was with embracing a bigoted and outspoken anti-LGBT fanatical religious leader. Now consider the obverse point of view where she was trying to educate someone who is clearly rooted in a fanatical religious perspective. For this to be entertained, Caitlyn would need to comment. Caitlyn…? It seems to me, that all of Caitlyn’s appearances are publicity stunts and self promotion, not to raise transgender awareness.

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Well I am not sure what to say about this and it feels like we are becoming a gossip rag with a new story about Caitlyn every week. What she does affects us so it is important to talk about it. I am just not so sure there is anything Caitlyn Jenner can do without offending someone. Should she had reached out to Houston’s transgender community? Absolutely yes. Caitlyn obviously needs to think more about what she does when it comes to activism. The fact is that Caitlyn’s status brings attention to the transgender cause. I am not sure if the news being all negative is helpful though. Should we look at it like P.T. Barnum and say print what you want but just make sure you get the name right? I am not so sure in this case. I also worry about the infighting within the community as that will ultimately derail our cause. I know her intention is to do good but she is not thinking it all through. I hope she gets better at it and better quick. Like it or not she is the most famous person in our community at the moment. She needs to do good with that status. We also can’t all be divided in the process as it will get us nowhere.