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I am Cait: Kiss and Make-up

The second season of Caitlyn Jenner’s I Am Cait premiered episode 7, “Kiss and Make-up” on E! Sunday night. This season follows Cait and her pals Candis Cayne, Jenny Boylan, Chandi Moore, Zackary Drucker, Kate Bornstein and newcomer Ella Giselle as they get on a bus and travel across the country to raise transgender awareness.

***Spoiler Alert**

“I think going forward from here, I would always want you in my life.”

The buss tour begins to wrap up in New Orleans, but not before Caitlyn has her “talk” with Kris Jenner. Kris let’s her know their kids aren’t doing great and that they need her. The two are finally able to start working things out as Caitlyn admits to being “checked out” at times during their relationship. “I think going forward from here I would always want you in my life.” says Caitlyn. They both realize many of the problems they faced were due to Caitlyn’s gender issues and start to work on moving forward.

Kate Bornstein and Candis talk families over breakfast. Candis talks about how she would love to have a family but hasn’t yet found the love she needs to find. Kate shows the way by saying, “You don’t have to wait for a man.” She tells Candis she thinks she would be a great mother and she begins to think about adopting a child.

Jenny Boylan - I am Cait - Transgender Universe

The girls stop in a bar and we see Jenny Boylan loosening up even more this week. She takes a shot from a bartender who shoves Jenny’s face in her bosom. The girls grab one last lunch together before they leave New Orleans and crawfish is on the menu. Jenny Boylan sings the girls a song and they all head back to Los Angeles for Thanksgiving.

“Is it even possible for a middle-aged trans woman to adopt?”

Caitlyn and Candis Golf -I am Cait - Transgender Universe

Caitlyn and Candis go golfing back home as Candis poses the question, “Is it even possible for a middle-aged trans woman to adopt?” Caitlyn lends her support to Candis, also telling her that she thinks she would be a great mother.

“Everything a man has a woman has as well.” 

Next it is back home for Caitlyn as Jenny comes to visit her for Christmas. Kris Jenner begins to rebuild her relationship with Caitlyn as she sends her a gingerbread house. The discuss the topic of gender reassignment surgery and Caitlyn lets her know it is a topic she is uncomfortable talking about; however she agrees to meet with Jenny and Dr. Marci Bowers to discuss it. Caitlyn is clearly not ready for this, but Dr. Bowers goes over the procedure with Caitlyn. She she tells her, “Everything a man has a woman has as well.” and the procedure is just a matter of undoing the differences.Here we learn that only 20% of transgender people actually go through with the surgery. Dr. Bowers admits that there is a money issue involved with the statistic and Jenny chimes in on how long it took her to save for it. Most importantly Jenny let’s Caitlyn know that she has never regretted her decision to have surgery, not even for a second.

Candis goes to see a LGBT adoption lawyer. The lawyer is curt with her and tells her that she will have to disclose the fact that she is transgender in order to adopt a child. Candis is discouraged but Caitlyn and Chandi meet up at Candis’ house for dinner and they give her encouragement.

Caitlyn and Scott - Hand Hug - I am Cait - Transgender UniverseNext Caitlyn goes Christmas tree shopping with Scott Disick. Scott coins the phrase “hand hug” as they say hello. Caitlyn felt bad about not giving Scott any attention when they last met. The two bond and Scott talks to the camera’s about how Caitlyn has evolved as a person. We see a softer side of Caitlyn throughout this episode and she truly seems that she wants to help Scott through his recovery from drugs and alcohol. They get a Christmas tree together and the scene ends with a funny attempt to replace the batteries in Caitlyn’s fire detectors as they beeping all over her house.

“It’s not a trans thing, it’s a human thing.”

Kris goes to visit Caitlyn and Candis. She helps Candis cope with the stress of adoption by letting her know the process is grueling no matter who you are. “It’s not a trans thing, it’s a human thing’ says Kris, giving Candis hope. She also stares a story of how she had an intruder in her home and the girls are shocked. Next they break out the stockings for Christmas and the show resolves with Caitlyn and Kris beginning the journey of being there for each other once again.

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I like that we got to see the compassionate side of Caitlyn this week. We often forget how early she is in her transition because it is so highly publicized. This week’s show dealt with surgery, transgender adoption and a family in transition. This are things that don’t normally get a lot of play on TV and it is good to see. What I took from the episode is that you don’t give up. If we are dealing with family we need to realize that they are also in transition and that we need to keep trying to help them understand. This philosophy also covers adoption. For something that is truly worth it we need to keep trying. Even if surgery is important for someone they need to keep saving and looking for ways to get there. Though it may take a very long time, we should never give up or stop trying. It was good to see some serious humanity this week. And as i find myself saying every week, I feel bad for Candis. Hang in there girl!