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I am Cait: Houston, We Have a Problem

The second season of Caitlyn Jenner’s I Am Cait premiered it’s season finale, episode 8, “Houston, We Have a Problem” on E! Sunday night. This season follows Cait and her pals Candis Cayne, Jenny Boylan, Chandi Moore, Zackary Drucker, Kate Bornstein and newcomer Ella Giselle as they get on a bus and travel across the country to raise transgender awareness.

***Spoiler Alert**

It was the season 2 finale as the girls got together for a “girls” night at Caitlyn’s house in Malibu. Kris Jenner came to spend more time with the gang as they gave her a bracelet to signify her acceptance into the group.

The next morning it was lunch with Ella and her dad Peter as he seemed very supportive of his daughter and thanked Caitlyn for everything she has done for her. It turns out all was not as rosy as it seemed, as Ella later confides her dad had issues with her transition in the beginning and that she almost became emancipated from him.

Cait and Candis - I am Cait - EP8 - Houston We Have a Problem - Caitlyn Jenner - I am Cait - EP8 - Houston We Have a Problem - Transgender UniverseLater the girls were off on a plane to go skiing. Caitlyn tells Ella how great she thinks it is that her dad supports her and Ella comes clean about the difficulties they had. The girls all tell Ella that she needs to confront him about what happened. After skiing, the girls all went to dinner where Ella talks about her love for music and singing. Ella makes a deal that she would sing for the girls if Caitlyn kissed Candis. Never to turn down a challenge, Caitlyn lays one on Candis saying afterwards, “this is the most action I’ve had in 2.5 years.”

“They’re not my people if they’re against this issue.”

Jenny Boylan and Kate Bornstein joined the girls as they are filled in about the deep kiss that Caitlyn and Candis shared. Next Candis finds an article on her phone about a statement Ted Cruz made saying transgender people are rapists who are out to molest children.The girls get back into politics as the discuss the repeal of Houston’s HERO law, which had provided protections for the LGBT community. Kate tries to push Caitlyn to use her influence to sway the opinions of the Republican party. Caitlyn finally comes out against the Republican’s view saying, “They’re not my people if they’re against this issue.”

Ella-I am Cait - EP8 - Houston We Have a Problem - Transgender UniverseAfter the girls got back to LA, Ella decides to confront her father regarding what took place during her transition and how she felt he misrepresented what happened when she met with Caitlyn. The two are able to work things out and Peter apologized to Ella for the pain he had caused her, citing it has been a transition for him as well.

“A trans woman was here, and nothing bad happened!”

With the gang all together they head out to Houston to see what they can do about the HERO law repeal. Caitlyn and the girls go visiting women’s restrooms and leaving signs  that read, “A trans woman was here, and nothing bad happened!”. Next the girls look to meet with one of the five Houston pastors who were behind the repeal of the law.

Though they tell you the girls attended two services given by one of the pastors, they were not allowed to film it however. What they didn’t tell you is that the pastor is Pa Ed Young at the Second Baptist Church. Apparently Caitlyn was able to tell the pastor how hurtful his remarks were face to face. The girls would end up sharing a prayer with him as they were all surprised at how nice everyone was to them, particularly the younger people.

The girls would congregate one last time for drinks as they all reflected on their journey together and how Caitlyn has grown since she started out.


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Well it was an interesting sendoff to say the least. Ella’s interaction with her dad seemed pretty genuine to me. There was a lot of pain in her eyes and I felt bad for her. Her father is right however that our families also transition. The most important thing is that he is there for her now and that they are moving forward together.

It is good to see Jenny Boylan and Kate Bornstein getting along. They both have a lot of influence in the community and they are better as allies than not. As far as the Caitlyn and Candis kiss, it is good to see Caitlyn start to get over her homophobia. Other than that well…ok.

On the HERO law I wanted to see more here. It is hard to see it as something big if we cannot see the footage, but maybe that is the reason we cannot see it. Overall I think they did some good work on the show this season as they pointed out some serious issues that are faced in our community.