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Jenny Boylan on Caitlyn, Ted Cruz and Leaving the Show

Jennifer Finney Boylan weighed in on Caitlyn Jenner’s support for Republican Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz in an article for her website on Friday.

“Everyone needs to get their mind around the fact that politically she is, like half the country, a conservative…”

Boylan discussed how she was not surprised by Jenner’s support for the candidate. “Everyone needs to get their mind around the fact that politically she is, like half the country, a conservative…”, stated Boylan. She also spoke out regarding her own feelings on Ted Cruz which were not flattering to say the least. While taping the first episode of “I am Cait”, Boylan became so frustrated with Jenner’s views that she almost quit the show on the second day of shooting. She goes on to discuss how Jenner ended up on the other end of a rolled up newspaper. “I smack her like she is a basset hound that just took a dump on the carpet.” stated Boylan.

Luckily for everyone Boylan decided to stay on. She goes on to discuss how we need to find a way to get along in spite of the differences in our views. You view the full transcript of her post here.

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I am glad that Jenny stayed on the show. To me, she is the voice of reason on “I am Cait”. She is also the main reason why I tune into the show. Caitlyn Jenner is sometimes an enigma when it comes to her views. It is often these views that make many of us in the community so frustrated. I sincerely hope that she can use her influence to help conservatives see the light on some of the issues we face. For now I will watch in horror when the show premieres. Jenny Boylan should be the example. She does great work with GLAAD and the Kinsey Institute. She is also a talented writer and I am a big fan of hers.