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I AM CAIT -- Season: 2 -(Photo by: Jeff Lipsky/E! Entertainment)

I Am Cait – Politically Incorrect

The second season of Caitlyn Jenner’s I Am Cait premiered on E! Sunday night with it’s first episode, Politically Incorrect. This season follows Cait and her pals Candis Cayne, Jenny Boylan, Chandi Moore, Zackary Drucker, Kate Bornstein and newcomer Ella Giselle as they get on a bus and travel across the country to raise transgender awareness.

***Spoiler Alert***

In this season’s I Am Cait premiere, Caitlyn and the gang met with her daughters Kylie and Kendall as they opened up about their acceptance of Caitlyn and how they still call her Dad. Kylie also discussed how people are pressuring her to refer to Caitlyn as her mom. Both her and sister Kendall have Caitlyn listed as “Mad” on their cell phones; however they will always refer to Caitlyn as their Dad no matter how awkward that may be to everyone else. The girls were also asked about when they first knew what their gender was and an interesting conversation ensued leaving Jenner to say that it was important for her daughters to think about gender.

The group says goodbye to Jenner’s daughters and head to the Grand Canyon on a luxury bus. The goal is to hit the road to experience people’s transgender stories and to spread awareness. The girls pressure Cait to open up about her sexuality and she obliges by confessing that she can see herself dating men in the future. The problem she sees is that she feels men will not be wiling to date her because she is transgender.

Things began to get interesting once the group began to talk politics. News broke regarding Houston’s repeal of the LGBT rights bill, HERO. The group begins to blame the Republican Party of spreading lies and fear to motivate people to vote to repeal the bill. Jenner, a staunch Republican, goes on to defend her conservative views to the horror of the rest of the group. “If we’re unfortunate enough to get Hillary as our next president, we need her on our side, but she won’t be,” said Jenner as she fought back. Jenner went on to say that Clinton is not interested in helping anyone but herself.

Am Cait - Politically Incorrect 2 - Transgender Universe

The whole encounter set off Jenny Boylan who at one point whacked Caitlyn in the leg with a rolled up newspaper. You can read Jenny’s take on these events here. Candis ended up moving away from the conversation to the front of the bus. Kate Bornstein looked speechless. Chandi Moore seemed to handle the situation best by trying bridge their differences.

This season the girls are intent on educating Caitlyn on the transgender cause and how it affects people without the privileges she enjoys. There were a few funny moments as Chandi got stuck on the bus. They all ultimately make it to the Grand Canyon to enjoy a helicopter ride. This season also introduces Ella Giselle to the group, the daughter of a friend of Caitlyn’s. Notably missing is Jen Richards who recently wrote and starred in the web series HerStory. It looks like it will be a long ride for the gang this season as things are already starting to heat up.

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Well it was interesting to say the least. I know many are horrified by Caitlyn being a die hard Republican. It ultimately may be a good thing and hopefully she can change some minds in her party. We need diversity in our ranks if we are going to normalize our cause in society. Let’s hope her road trip opens her eyes a bit. What worries me most is Caitlyn speaking for us and the girls grooming her to be that person who does so. I am not sure if they will ever get there, or better yet if they should get there. I do like what Caitlyn did recently with MAC however; where she worked with the company to make a lipstick while donating all the proceeds to transgender organizations. I think that is an area where she can have the biggest impact and I would like to see more of that. I did miss Jen Richards and I am sorry not to see her on the show this season.

  • John Taylor

    I listen to Blaire White’s youtube channel and find her to be very well spoken. Hopefully Caitlyn will be able to keep her perspective on things. I don’t have an issue with her being a republican I myself am republican. I just hope the current administration is going to help the community.