Hillary Clinton Lays Out LGBT Agenda - Transgender Universe

In an unprecedented statement by a political candidate for the presidency, Hillary Clinton outlined her plans for equality yesterday.

In her statement, Clinton pledged to fight for full federal equality for LGBT Americans. She advised she will work with congress to pass the Equality Act, an amendment to the 1964 Civil Rights Act. The Act would provide LGBT individuals explicit and comprehensive protection from discrimination in all facets of American life—employment, housing, schools, access to credit, public education, jury service, and public accommodations.

Hillary_Clinton_LGBT_Agenda - Transgender UniverseClinton pledged to continue, fully implement and enforce the President’s LGBT equality executive actions. She stated she will support the current efforts to add “gender identity” to all federal statutes that fall under “sex discrimination”.

Clinton also states that she will make it easier for LGBT couples to adopt children. She outlined a plan to stop conversion therapy for minors and will work to improve school climates for LGBT children. She also intends to help LGBT elders, families, individuals and homeless youth.

The 3rd portion outlined in her plan is to honor the military service of gay and transgender soldiers. She plans to upgrade the service record of any LGBT individuals who were dismissed for sexual orientation. She also plans to allow the 15,500 actively serving transgender members of the U.S. military to openly serve.

We must do more to end discrimination against the transgender community. – Hillary Clinton

Clinton outlined her plans to end transgender violence. She also intends to streamline the process of changing identity documents for transgender individuals. Clinton proposed an investment in training those in law enforcement in dealing with LGBT citizens.

You can read Hillary Clinton’s full LGBT agenda on her campaign website.


  • That is why she has my vote!

    • Teresa Jean

      I can’t vote for her as I’m a Canadian in Canada. I wish I could.

  • Vampire_Princess


  • Lynna Cummings

    This is the only candidate who sees me.

    • Sierra Davis

      No, actually, Bernie has been fighting for LGBT rights for decades. Hillary only got on board three years ago.

  • Joshua Benson

    this what I was woundering now I’m going all the way for her 😀

  • Frankie Rose

    She is picking up when Obama leaves to continue equality for all humans. I love Obama as he is my hero and president. Hillary will be my hero too.
    I’m a transgender female <3

  • Weston James

    So, basically everything Bernie has stood for in the last decade or so. Meanwhile, it took until 2013 for Clinton to become an entrenched LGBT advocate. No thank you.

  • Sierra Davis

    You know, I wonder what Hillary 2008 would have had to say about the Trans Community. Not to be overly, negative, but she’s changed what she says on everything from gun control to gay rights and beyond, a lot of which happened in just the past few months. I remember her saying she openly opposed the fight for a $15 minimum wage, and yet she took credit for New York passing it into law. What people don’t realize is that Bernie has been fighting for LGBT equality for decades, whereas Hillary has only supported gay marriage for three years. Not only that, but she thinks, for some ridiculous reason, that gun companies should get sued for what people do with their products, even though no one gets guns directly from the gun companies anyway. She seems to change her “opinions” with the turning of the public view, which tells me she doesn’t have any real convictions of her own.
    Look, I am a trans woman myself, but I do not trust Hillary, who only a couple months ago called herself a moderate, but for some reason is now trying to tell people she’s a progressive. She will not have my vote, and nor will Donald Trump.

    • Diagonotter

      And when it between the two of them? You will sit it out?

      • Sierra Davis

        Nope, I’ll vote for Jill Stein. Contrary to what the Democratic establishment would lead you to believe, the Democrats and Republicans aren’t the only political parties out there.

  • Elise Rose Kehle

    Heard it all before along with her pandering to the theocrats, only good thing about this is that she thinks we’re popular enough to be worth lying to